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Wind Tunnel and Shock Tube Videos
Transonic Wind Tunnel Demonstration
  This video shows a Mach 0.75 test run of the transonic wind tunnel along with a short clip showing how the sliding sleeve valve operates.
  Transonic Wind Tunnel
Mach 2.0 Free Jet Tunnel Demonstration
  This video shows monochrome and color schlieren images of a Mach 2.0 free jet tunnel developed for an undergraduate laboratory course.
Free Jet Demo
Supersonic Wind Tunnel Surface Flow Visualization with Micro Vortex Generators - Spring 2010
  These three videos show Mach 2.5 flow over a 5 degree wedge, a 25 degree wedge, and a cylinder. All are taken with micro vortex generators.
5 Degree Wedge
25 Degree Wedge with Unstart
Supersonic Wind Tunnel Schlieren and Surface Flow Visualization - Fall 2009
  This set of videos shows Schlieren and surface flow visualization of Mach 2.5 supersonic flow over a flat plate with a 5 degree wedge. More videos and images will be released as the research progresses.
Clear Image of 5 Degree Wedge Schlieren Short Test
Zoomed in on 5 Degree Wedge Schlieren Short Test
Long Schlieren Test with 5 Degree Wedge
Surface Flow Visualization Demo Run
Initial Test of 2" ID Propane/Oxygen Detonation Tube - Spring 2009
  This video shows a typical detonation test using an atmospheric, stoichiometric mixture of propane and oxygen. The tube is approximately ten feet long, but the test is completed within a few milliseconds. A diaphragm is located between the stainless steel and blue vacuum tank tube sections. The rest of the vacuum tank is located about eight feet from the diaphragm, and since a vacuum is not needed, the hatch has been opened. The second half of the video shows the wave can still be powerful while exiting the hatch.
  Detonation Tube Demonstration
Low Speed Wind Tunnel and PIV Imaging - Summer 2008
The first video below shows PIV imaging across the centerline of a flat plate in the low speed wind tunnel test section. First, it shows the seeder injecting particles into the LSWT test section until they are swept downstream as the tunnel is turned on. Next, the seeding system is actuated a few times to show the difference when the seeding system is used. The second video shows a demonstration run of the wind tunnel from outside of the building. It reaches 70% of its maximum rated power (about 50 kW).
PIV System
LSWT Demonstration Run
Supersonic Wind Tunnel - Fall 2007
This video shows a short test of a new LabVIEW control program for the supersonic wind tunnel. The program maintains a continuous pressure in the plenum chamber, which is needed for accurate test results.
Mach 1.5 Test Run
Small Scale Shock Tube - Spring 2007
The video below shows a test run of a small scale shock tube designed for an undergraduate lab class. Here, the shock tube runs at Mach 1.6 and exhausts into the silencer. The diaphrams are made from sheets of aluminum foil pressed together, and can be seen as they are blown out of the tube.
  Mach 1.6 Open End