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Recent PDE Videos
PDE - January 2008
  These videos show the same PDE from the summer of 2007 running with a new arc-igniter system provided by ACREE Technologies, Inc. A propane/oxygen mixture was used for the pre-detonator while propane/air was used for the combustor. The last video uses propane/air for both parts, causing only deflagration. It is interesting to note the striking difference between the 1 Hz detonation and deflagration.
  10 Hz Arc-igniter
1 Hz Arc-igniter
1 Hz Arc-igniter (deflagration only)
PDE - Summer 2007
  The video shows the PDE running with propane and oxygen in the 1 in. pre-detonator and a propane-air mixture in the 4 in. combustor at 10 Hz. The flame is nearly colorless for this run, showing that the combustion is complete. The sparks in the exhaust are from bits of the spark plug being blown away.
  10 Hz Run
  These videos show a single-shot and multi-shot test firing of the new PDE with propane and oxygen. This engine features a 1 in. i.d. pre-detonator using propane and oxygen and a 4 in. i.d. combustor using liquid fuel and air mixture. The ignition is based on automotive ignition system and auto spark plugs. This test was performed to test the various valving controls and the sensors (pressure, ion detectors and optical sensors).
  10 Hz Run
5 Hz Run
Single-shot Run
PDE - Fall 2006
These videos are from a PDE that used solenoid valve fuel injection and a modified automotive ignition system and automotive spark plugs. The i.d. of the tube is 0.75 in. The PDE is running hydrogen and air mixtures.
  Multi-shot Run

Single-shot Run

PDE - Summer 2006
This video is from a study of a PDE coupled to a turbocharger which is driving an electric generator to produce electricity. The PDE is running on propane and oxygen mixtures at 15Hz. It also features solenoid valve injection and a modified automotive ignition system and automotive spark plugs. The inner diameter of the tube is 0.75 inches.